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Capable of rendering interactive charts on servers in multiple formats, WebCharts3D is the leading 100% Java based data visualization solution for web applications. With WebCharts3D server components you can create sophisticated interactive web applications and deploy dynamic presentation quality graphical reports in a matter of minutes.

Employing XML as the native format for all presentation and data elements makes our products the ideal charting solutions for Internet and Intranet applications and provides a clear separation between view and model. WebCharts3D server-side engine incorporates sophisticated caching and resource management algorithms that enable the product to deliver high performance even in the most demanding environments by providing careful memory management and reducing the number of the produced charts.

WebCharts3D fully supports JavaServer Faces Technology by providing a JSF compliant UI components and custom tag library for including JSF interface inside JSP pages. The editing UI components can be imported into a number of JSF-enabled visual designers including Sun Java Studio Creator. For more information about JSF tag please refer to JSF Tag Guide.

With WebCharts3D server-side components you can:

  • Introduce charts into web-based solutions - The package empowers you to include into your pages server-rendered animated interactive charts in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, Flash/SWF, SVG, PDF and TIFF).

  • Create interactive drillable reports - All charts can be made interactive with custom parameterized events handlers or URLs assigned to a chart or a particular chart element. The interactivity gives your end-users the ability to slice and dice their business data, to dynamically change the chart's styles, and to analyze data all from the convenience of a Web browser.

  • Use direct or indirect delivery method - The server-side component allows you to generate image bits directly or to include a piece of automatically generated HTML code into your JSP and JSF pages.

  • Avoid learning and coding chart styles - WebCharts3D Designer will automatically generate JSP/JSF code that is required to produce the particular chart.

To learn more about XML formats, API functions, setup and deployment please refer to Developer's Guide.



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