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WebCharts software is available as evaluation version. After purchasing a license you receive a personal serial number. By entering this serial number into the evaluation program you change the demo to fully functional program. If you cannot download files, you can order a CD-ROM disc with WebCharts3D software.

WebCharts3D is licensed on a per server/per developer basis. You need to ensure that you have the sufficient number of the development and server licenses. The server license covers only one CPU, for each additional CPU you need to obtain an aditional CPU license. Please visit Support section for the information about available support options.

There are no run-time fees for the end-users of the product provided that the product is not installed on their computers and the end-users access your application via some browser. You may not include the Designer components as part of another software product without the express written consent of GreenPoint, Inc. Under no circumstances the license keys can be redistributed without signing a partnership agreement.

WebCharts3D is available in Professional and Enterprise Editions. WebCharts3D Professional Edition does not support annotations and interactivity and can be used only to produce PNG/JPEG images or as a part of a rich client. The following table summarizes the differences between the editions:

 Professional Edition  Enterprise Edition


To order by fax or phone:

Fax a corporate purchase order or credit card information to (212) 765-6920, or call (212) 765-6982. Please specify the license type, quantity, and preferred delivery method when ordering by fax.


To order by mail:

Send a check or corporate purchase order to:

GreenPoint, Inc.
PO BOX 140270
Brooklyn, NY 11214

Please specify the license type, quantity, and preferred delivery method.



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